Ethical + Fair Trade + Trendy Jewelry

Ethical Outfitter is a new company with a mission: creating dignified economic opportunities for marginalized women in developing countries. We are an online retailer sells handmade and eco-friendly jewelry and accessories.  All products are sourced by artisan partners who care about impacting gender equality and economic growth while maintaining responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable production.

Ethical Outfitter was started by Lara Kuby, a loving mother and wife, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and a passionate creative person.  She strongly believes that the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.

Ethical Outfitter was born out of the desire to give people the chance to purchase with a purpose.  Lara sold her first product in December 2018 and the company has grown exponentially in the days following.  Her customers relate to the brands mission of empowering women and children in developing countries.  That philosophy coupled with the beauty of the products became an instant success.  Lara has brought together one of a kind collections from artisans all over the world.  

Look Good as you Do Good is the Ethical Outfitter way of life.  The Ethical Outfitter company has always maintained a focus on fairness. Customers and Artisans alike deserve transparency and respect.

This is Lara with her daughter and dog 🐶